This one device could save your sex life.

This one device could save your sex life.

Save Your Sex Life

That isn’t to say that there is only one device; just the other day, someone I follow on OnlyFans did something with a cucumber that I have never seen before.

I watched for a minute and could not tell if I was horny or disgusted. I was curious; then I remembered my first job. I cut over a hundred cucumbers a day for the salad bar.

These were much smaller than the shlong that was going places in life. The cucumber stunt was just beyond me. I don’t judge but cucumbers and/in pussy? Now that is a rabbit hole I don’t plan on falling in.

Elaine tells Jerry that she faked her orgasms during their relationship in one episode of Seinfeld. Jerry questioned his reality and began calling every woman he slept with; the majority, if not all, of his calls, ended in his favor. 

Can you imagine if your ex called you and asked if he gave you orgasms? Leaving Elaine as “the only Goliath to the David in his pants.”

He asked for a chance to make things right, and when Elaine said no, they ended their friendship right there because things would never be the same. Classic.

Orgasm equality hasn’t been the hottest topic of discussion. As a boy becoming a man, it dawned on me how usual both my partners and I completely ignored the fact that women have orgasms too.

After years of hooking up with several members of the female species, I’ve come (no-pun-tended) to a realization.

Everyone is responsible for their orgasm, but not everyone cares about equality. As I shared this discussion with my ex, she thought I was over-obsessing.

In her words, “a man’s orgasm is like war. It’s a means to an end.
Then the question, “what does a means to an end” mean?

I changed her words, “A woman’s orgasm is like war — it’s a means to an end.” Then I realized that my ex was onto something. Despite the progress, we were not satisfied with this outcome as both finales ended with a gender — bias.

The phrase “means to an end’ is used to describe things that a person considers to be necessary to suffer through in order to accomplish their real goals. When a person is described as a means to an end, it means that another person is using them as an expedient tool to get what they want[.]”

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At last, we were both satisfied with the concept 
that to win orgasm equity,
all — genders were responsible for reinforcing 
the idea of equality. 
Sex itself is a developing process. 
It can only improve the more times you practice. 
The caveat is that there must be shared passion or 
consensual—conscious sex.

Applying the concept of orgasm equality, we often hear more women being sexually frustrated because their partner can’t bring them to climax. I became as curious as Jerry Seinfeld, and I asked my ex if I gave her orgasms when we had sex during our relationship.

She said, “at first, you had no idea what sex was because it was all about you. But eventually, I started helping you out by playing with myself while we did it, and then that’s when the whole session felt like a series of orgasms.”

Thanks for taking all the credit and eliminating the last drop of confidence I had in myself (I thought). I became insecure for a moment, questioning my reality.

So, you mean to tell me that I couldn’t bring a girl to climax without her help? If that’s the case, then our theory is true. Knowing now what we’ve observed, sex and love are related but are not equal.

Everyone is responsible for their “own” orgasm, but not everyone cares for equality. This means that someone’s sex game (or lack thereof) cannot be a valid reason to leave them or cheat on them.

The Equalizer:

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Dainis Graveris



I think it’s time that men stop worrying about sex toys because, in all honesty, they have shown many westernized women how unessential we men can be.

However, we cannot forget that straight or bisexual women love the dick too.

If there is anything you should take out of this, a woman’s orgasm is not all as tricky as they make it out to be. Men’s orgasm brings forth a finale because, ultimately, that is when a session ends.

A woman’s orgasm, however, can happen multiple times or not happen at all. It’s similar to how irrelevant most handjobs can be (especially when the one performing has no grip on reality).

When we practice, we don’t necessarily know that we have a certain pressure. We do it because that’s what we do.

Now that vibrators are all over Amazon’s top deals every day, it’s safe to say that it’s okay if a bit of assistance needs to be involved. Just try it out. This one device could save your sex life.

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