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“Build your dream or

help someone build theirs”

Let me tell you a story that you probably heard before. I’m young, naive, unemployed, and most of all broke. Aint no one hiring. If you feel me, fuck with me. I’ll let you in, the password is open sesame. 

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An old product that has become rebranded and more commercial. This nitrous oxide is food grade. To be used by the finest dessert chefs who favor quality over price. 



There are all kinds of ways to make money with apparel. You could press shirts, use transfers, order bulk, embroidery, print on demand, drop shipping, and more. 

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There will always be space for more influencers or digital marketers. You decide if you want to be the star or the one who manages stars.

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E-Cigarette industry is unpredictable. It’s a tough climate right now as more and more places ban these products. It’s still a very lucrative business however.

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Abstract Discovery & Company is a company engaged in business solutions. The functions of Abstract Discovery & Company variate depending on client goals. Abstract Discovery & Company has experience working in Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Transportation, Small business growth, Apparel, Nootropics, and Management. 

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