About Us

The driver stopped, pulled out a gun, and demanded I give him everything. I gave him the money in my pocket and he said to empty everything out from my pocket and bag as well.

I took out my wallet, medication, Bible, journal, and passport. I told him to take it all and I wouldn’t say anything. I just wanted to live, I could care less about the money at this point.

And so, he emptied out my wallet of all my cash, leaving the paperwork, and cards. He threw everything on the ground, pointed the gun at me, and said, “give me the phone.” 

The universe sure has a funny way of balancing things out. I’m not someone who believes in karma, but don’t hate me for it.
I honestly see the truth in karma, believe me. But I feel like even if you’re always doing good, it’s not like bad things won’t ever happen.
These things will continue to happen no matter how good you are. That’s just my philosophy. 
I picked everything up from the ground and had a moment of clarity.
I had this feeling that God was punishing me. Did I deserve everything that was happening? It all happened so fast. When you have a gun to your face, you begin to realize that all the stuff that you hold on to really doesn’t matter. 
I was stranded in a city that I do not know, it was still dark out,  my money was taken from me, and I knew for sure I would not make it to the service. I just continued walking and praying.
I must have walked for hours. The sun began to rise. I had no idea where I was going, I was scared to ask anyone for directions because of what just happened.
I knew in my heart that if I continued praying and walking, God would bring me to my destination. I remembered a quote that said, “You don’t know that God is all you need until God is all you have.”
long story short, god had other plans for me. since that moment in 2015, the abstract discovery philosophy was born. as all cults do, keep it vague. welcome to the club. you’ll figure it out.