You want to start a business, but where do you start?

Forget everything you've been told about business. A lot of it is false and that's why it's brought you here. You've probably bought into some guru before that promised to scale your business x 10-just to learn information you already knew.

Market Intelligence

Research is vital in business. Someone might have told you that if you're passionate about something, start a business! This is terrible advice.

International Trade

Saturation is a real problem, there's no doubting that. So how do you compete in such a market? Be the best or sell the demand elsewhere in the world.


The understanding of how packages arrive to a customer. Was it a business or customer that sold it last? C2C, B2C, B2B? What's the MOQ?

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We teach you what you will not learn in any business class or school. No institution teaches you how to make actual money.

That’s why we hate the school system. We were victims of these false promises that MBAs were supposed to speak for us. School teaches you what a business is about and everything about the business. They don’t teach you the most critical lesson: HOW TO MAKE FACTUAL MONEY.






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    Don't want to take the course? We really suggest taking the course as it will help you navigate relationships with vendors overseas. But if you just want the content, we offer this OTF.

    Market Intelligence

    The thing about money is that it's constantly moving. With the right tools, we're able to keep an eye on where it's heading.


    Get 48% of each person you recruit into the program. You will receive this after they pay their month in the program.

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    24 Hours 7 Days a Week full of content, on anything related to starting a business or scaling a business today.

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    Your networth, is your network. Have a goal? We're all ready to listen. If you can convince us, we will invest. We work together because we believe wealth is better when it's shared.

    What Our Clients Say!


    have to say that it exceeded my expectations. The instructor was knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, and they made the material easily understandable and engaging.

    Justin Longwood

    The Lights LLC

    appreciated the use of real-world examples and industry case studies, which helped me to see how the material could be applied in a practical setting.

    Lance Erikson

    Mom & Pop